8-axle winter permit

The 8-axle winter permit is available during winter months when weights are restricted on Northwest Territories highways and must be purchased prior to entering the territory.

The permit allows a super b-train to carry an additional 500 kilograms (kg) per axle, not including the steering axle.

Apply online

If it is your first online application: call 1-866-225-3505 to create an account. 

Once purchased online or through a third-party issuer, this permit requires final approval by a Highway Transport Officer by calling 1-866-225-3505 (Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.).

Permit rules

  • Permit holders are only allowed to operate between Hay River and mines north of Yellowknife. Loads can be shipped to Yellowknife, but the product must be destined for the mines, north of Yellowknife. 
  • The commodities being hauled are restricted to fuel, cement, shotcrete, and prill. 
  • The vehicle weight/load must not exceed the maximum load that the manufacturer has rated the vehicle capable of carrying or pulling.
  • The GNWT reserves the right to terminate this permit at any time if it is deemed necessary to protect the transportation infrastructure or if there is a safety concern. The decision to terminate this permit will be based on highway inspections, highway transport officer observations and safety requirements and all decisions to cancel the permits based on these factors will be final. 
  • All highway restrictions, such as weight restrictions, must be adhered to. 
  • In addition to this permit, a winter tolerance of 500 kg per axle excluding the steering will apply. Winter tolerance is not granted to the gross vehicle weight of train configurations. 
  • The following weight restrictions apply for this permit:
    • Steering: 5,500 kg
    • Tandem drives: 18,000 kg
    • Tridem lead: 25,500 kg
    • Tandem pup: 18,000 kg
    • Total gross vehicle weight: 67,000 kg
  • When crossing the Frank Channel Bridge on Highway 3, drivers must:
    • reduce speed prior to driving on the bridge
    • maintain 10 km/h or less
    • drive with a steady speed with no stopping or braking


  • 8-Axle Winter Permit: $103.00 (each tractor)

8-Axle Winter Permit: $103.00 (each tractor)