Order a personalized licence plate

Available in-person only

 Visit a driver and vehicle office with:

  1. This form (copies also available in-person)
  2. Photo identification

Personalized licence plates can be ordered for private passenger vehicles. This includes motorcycles and motorhomes. 


  • They cannot be used on vehicles which require special plates such as trailers, rental, dealer,  government vehicles, or commercial vehicles. Slogans must be between two and six characters, including blank spaces.  
  • Do not use any symbols or punctuation.
  • Do not use combinations of letters or numbers that may be considered profane, offensive, or suggestive.
  • Once the order is placed, a refund or cancellation will not be accepted unless otherwise authorized by the Registrar. 

Transfer an existing personalized plate

A personalized licence plate can only be transferred to an immediate family member, such as mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter,  husband or wife (with written authorization of transfer).


  • New personalized licence plate: $249.90
  • New personalized licence plate (senior 60+): $126.00
  • Replace personalized licence plate: $42.00